Szkoła Podstawowa nr 19
im. Bohaterów Westerplatte
w Elblągu
do klas 0 i I
:: About our school
Self-governing Primary School No 19 is one of the 15th primary schools in Elbląg. It is situated in the centre of Elbląg, where there are more than 130 000 inhabitants. There are 2 pre-school and 22 school classes where 650 children are taught. They are from 6 to 12 years old.Highly qualified staff consisting of 38 teachers introduce the children to diverse fields of life and knowledge using valuable methods and forms of teaching. It makes our students well prepared for further stages of education.Apart from educational activities our school provides the students with the attractive way of spending their free time thanks to a wide offer of extra classes and clubs - entertainment and rest. Our school tries to satisfy the needs of children. It is especially concerned about the safety of the children. It also creates proper lifestyle and morality. The school co-operates with child's family environment within bringing up and various stages of development, undertaking the initiative to integrate local society and work with institutions and organisations.
The parents of our pupils participate in school life. They are partners in all undertaking activities. They cooperate in creating school law and programmes, aid in realising them and present the achievements. On their request new forms of activities are organised like learning foreign languages and computer studies.The realisation of school tasks is possible thanks to suitable facilities - well equipped classrooms, modern learning aids, and access to the contemporary sources of knowledge and information.
The vision of our school is the school that is :
  • safe, offering comprehensive mental and physical development
  • environmental, creating sensitivity towards another man, natural environment and health, with high language culture, training the ability to communicate well within speaking and writing, not only in native language.

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